As a graduate student at University of Minnesota, I teach in both the sociology department and at the Center for Writing. Whether I'm teaching the social construction of race, or how to craft a research question, my approach is consistent: I aim to provide students with the tools necessary for their success. This commitment means that no matter what area or subject I teach, I emphasize the importance of the sociological imagination, ethical research, strong methods, and clear, organized writing. 


Course Instructor

New Consultant Graduate Seminar, Center for Writing, University of Minnesota (Fall 2018)

Sociology of Race, Class, and Gender, University of Minnesota (Summer 2018)


Curriculum Design & Facilitation

National Science Foundation GRFP Grant Writing Retreat, the Graduate School, & the Office of Equity and Diversity, University of Minnesota (Summer 2017, 2018)

Dissertation Writing Retreat, Student Writing Services, University of Minnesota (Summer 2018)



Writing Consultant, Center for Writing, University of Minnesota (2016- current)


Graduate Teaching Assistant

Stuffed and Starved, University of Minnesota (Fall 2015)

Nature, Nurture, and Public Policy, Brandeis University (Spring 2014)

Sociology of the Body and Health, Brandeis University (Fall 2013)

Sociology of Religion, Brandeis University (Spring 2013)

Sociology of Order and Change in Society, Brandeis University (Fall 2012)