I genuinely enjoy teaching and mentoring, and seek opportunities for both in a variety of contexts. I was a Teaching Assistant for four semesters at Brandeis University, where I earned an Outstanding Teaching Fellow Award for my assistance in an Intro to Sociology course. Currently, I work at the Center for Writing at the University of Minnesota, where I work one-on-one with both undergraduate and graduate students to organize and craft their writing. Most recently, I co-created and lead the university's first NSF-GRFP Retreat, aimed at teaching graduate students how to effectively construct personal statements for the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program. 


My approach to teaching is simple: we are never done learning. I learn from my students just as they learn from me. No matter what area or subject I teach, I emphasize the importance of using a sociological imagination, understanding key sociological concepts, appreciation for research ethics and methods, and clear, organized writing. 


As a contributor and curator for The Society Pages, an open-access social science project sharing sociology research, I write about everything from transgender rights to job market inequalities. My work has been featured at TheSocietyPages.org, as well as at Soc Images, Education & Society, and Pacific Standard Magazine. Find it here.